Exercise Guide UK has been adapted from core Exercise Guide platforms. Exercise Guide UK is part of the doctoral degree for Mr Jordan Curry, who is supervised by Dr Cindy Forbes. Both Dr Forbes and Mr Curry are part of the Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre within the Hull York Medical School, at the University of Hull. Moreover, Mr Curry’s receives a studentship for his doctoral degree from Yorkshire Cancer Research.

The website is designed to provide tailored exercise programs, resources, and information for those specifically living with and beyond lung cancer. The data obtained via this website is secured and all data will be kept confidential.

Full ethical approval has been provided for this study from the Health Research Authority and Health and Care Research Wales (REC reference: 21/SC/0174; Project ID: 281450). The trail has also been registered on ClinicalTrails.gov Protocol Registration and Results System (ID: NCT05121259). Should you have any concerns regarding this project you can contact a member of the research team (Jordan.Curry@hyms.ac.uk) or the University of Hull’s Research Governance team (research.governance@hull.ac.uk). The University of Hull is acting as sponsor for this study.